Always locally sourced and locally prepared

In our kitchen, we are passionate about using only the cleanest, locally sourced ingredients. We have embraced this food philosophy for more than two decades.

By sourcing our products locally, we know that everything we serve will have that little bit more depth and flavour. The forests around us are full of berries, mushrooms and herbs, just waiting to be foraged. Our fish comes from our local waters and we use other wild ingredients whenever possible to bring a unique touch to our dishes.

The restaurant in our main building can accommodate up to 100 diners. We always serve genuine, locally sourced, northeastern fare. Our full board guests are offered a daily evolving menu featuring seasonal ingredients. Some of our most popular dishes include local varieties of fish, such as vendace, pike and whitefish, as well as cakes and bread freshly baked in our own kitchen.

You can also reserve our dining room for your own exclusive use. The venue is ideally suited for family events and business meetings alike.


To find out more, please contact: 

+358 (0)8 847 511