Saija´s responsibility policy

Saija is a peaceful country estate in Taivalkoski, on the shores of Lake Jokijärvi, through which the Ii River flows. The courtyard is bordered by log buildings and a memorable landscape on the back of Jokijärvi. It is known that there are carbon samples from fishing from more than seven millennia ago on the banks of the upper Ii River. Later, the Lapps in the area have been engaged in hunting and fishing. According to the Lappish place name at the time, Saija, a resting place, got its name. Kallioniemi, the childhood home of Author Kalle Päätalo, is located in Saija's immediate neighborhood.

Saijan Lomakartano's goal is to be a pioneer in sustainable tourism, the first tourism company in our region that combines profitable business with sustainable values. This means that we prefer local and wild food, locally produced meat, game, vegetarian food, we recycle and we do not use disposable products. We use renewable electricity, geothermal heating and build all of our cottages from wood to sequester carbon and want them to last for over hundreds of years. Our staff is a group of skilled people, who know the characteristics of the area and its outdoor locations, will influence the well-being of local people, is aware of different nationalities, and whose common natural value is to act as genuine natural people. In all our operations, we strive to develop and inspire both personnel and partners to minimize the burden on the environment through continuous development work.

The buildings, construction and maintained courtyards are a traditional Finnish landscape. In Saija's yard, you can feel the long traditions of log construction and feel the room air and atmosphere brought by ecological and clean natural wood. Through our own example and through our staff, we want to share knowledge about the culture, history and nature of the area. Stories and traditions are an integral part of all our service products, such as dining, fishing, rowing on the lake, nature walks and other nature-related services.

Saija’s food ideology has always been to utilize local ingredients close to the heart. We prefer seasonal ingredients, local and wild food. vegetarian food, berries, mushrooms, wild herbs, clean water fish, nearby vegetables and other natural grains. It is especially important for us to cook with love, produce special local flavors and respect precious clean ingredients by ending up on the customer’s plate, not as rubbish. We are able to minimize food loss to almost non-existent by preparing food in stages, further processing and taking into account customer numbers. The surplus food we utilize in staff catering.

For our part, we want to cherish, do our best, inspire and be a part of the nature of Jokijärvi. We operate energy-efficiently, conserve our clean water resources, avoid unnecessary waste and take care of recycling. As our business develops and grows, we are committed to continue to consider the principles of sustainable development. We encourage our partners to act in accordance with the same values, contributing to the protection and preservation of Taivalkoski's unique nature. We also want take part to helping the whole planet to stay clean for our descendants as well. For these reasons, we have decided that in all our decisions and in Saija’s climate work, we take into account the preservation of the surrounding nature.