Sustainability Plan

Our company received the Green Key and Green Activity environmental certificates in November 2020.

We are committed to developing our operations in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism.

The Saija Lodge wishes to provide its guests with a travel experience where sustainability permeates every aspect and is a natural part of the business’s daily work. We are committed to prevent and to minimise the environmental effects of our business operations, and we are working actively to promote sustainability by constantly developing our business and by setting new goals with each year. Our company’s work environment is safe, and our operations take risk and crisis management into consideration. We train our personnel regularly, and communicate our sustainability efforts to both our staff and our guests to increase environmental awareness and commitment. We are committed to equal rights and treatment, and we reject corruption as well as all kinds of commercial, sexual or other abuse and harassment targeting children, teenagers, women, minorities, or other vulnerable groups. We are also working towards social sustainability in our region to benefit both our staff and our guests.

Our largest direct environmental impact is due to using resources such as energy and water. We are in the process of actively reducing our energy and water consumption, as well as minimising the amount of waste and improving its recycling processes. We use 100 percent renewable electricity, environmentally friendly products, and resource efficient technologies. We evaluate and monitor our environmental impact regularly, both by measuring the consumption of water, electricity, and energy as well as the amount of waste our operations create.

What we purchase also has a significant indirect effect on the environment, for example when it comes to food or chemicals. That is why we are committed to using organic, seasonal, and certifiably environmentally friendly products and foodstuffs as often as we can, as well as abstaining from using meat, fish, or shellfish products that are derived from endangered or protected populations or species. We minimise food waste, use single-use tableware only in exceptional circumstances, and use only certifiably environmentally friendly cleaning and washing agents as well as the tissue paper.

We consider following legislation, regulations, and other requirements the bare minimum, and we are committed to exceeding the demands of current legislations and regulations concerning sustainability. The Saija Lodge wishes to be at the forefront of creating a sustainable travel and tourism business and to inspire other entrepreneurs, our guests, and our staff to take part in sustainability efforts.

Taivalkoski, 9 September 2022

Asko Karppinen

Chairman of the Board

Environmental Policy