Information about Saija’s policies regarding coronavirus

Tue 09 Jun 2020 03:02:00 PM EEST

Information about Saija’s policies regarding coronavirus / 9.6.2020

Per 1.6. Saija Lodge started the summer season. We do our best to provide a safe and healthy stay for our guests in our restaurant and accommodation. We are following COVID-19 guidelines provided by the Finnish authorities.

  • Our staff is being trained in enhanced cleaning routines (both personal hygiene and new cleaning routines).
  • Employees should not work when having symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • Our staff communicate COVID-19 best practices to our guests.
  • The cleaning practices and our services have been adapted to the guidelines provided by the authorities.



  • More frequent cleaning and disinfection of sanitary rooms and high-touch public surfaces (such as lobby door handles, front desks, credit card machines).
  • All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned before the arrival of guest.

Use of Restaurant/Lobby

  • Guests should not enter the premises when having symptoms related to COVID-19.
  • For clients and staff the use of masks in our premises is not mandatory.
  • To limit the number of guests in the restaurant, the capacity is reduced by 50%. There is no limitation on the terrace.
  • Food and drinks must be consumed seated.
  • In the restaurant and on the terrace it is required to keep the social distancing guidance of 1-2 meters between persons. Tables are set up at a minimum distance of 1-2 meters as well.
  • Sufficient hand cleaning and disinfection liquids are available for staff and clients.
  • Per 22.6.20 buffet-style service is again allowed by law. Anyhow, if guests prefere table service or individually packaged breakfast to take to the room, we make it possible.
  • Loose items for common use are removed or cleaned more often.
  • Saija’s opening and alcohol consuming hours have been adapted according to the Governmental rules.
  • Saija’s kitchen stick to the hygiene rules for delivery, storage and processing of food products.

We check the situation daily and will adapt our policies if needed.


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