Husky safaris – the perfect way to explore the wilderness

Saija's kennel hosts about 160 Sibirian huskies. It's a long tradition in Saija to offer husky safaris to our guests. All guests drive their own pack of between four and six husky dogs. Expect a fun and unforgettable journey into the wilderness, full of thrills. You do not need to have any previous experience to take part.

Unforgettable husky safaris

A perfect start is our introduction safari, which covers a distance of about 13 kilometres. All guests are invited to drive their own pack of between four and six huskies and full instructions will be provided at the beginning of your visit. Small children can join the tour in the sledge.

If you are already familiar with the technique of driving a husky team you can take part in a half-day safari of 20 km. T

Our longer safari covers a distance of around 30 kilometres and take about four to six hours. We will take breaks along the route, and a fireside lunch will be served.