A dream destination for nature lovers

In Saija, visitors have the opportunity to explore natural landscapes that are untouched, taking them across wide expanses of forest, secluded tracts of marshland, rivers and lakes. Our local trails are also ideally suited to biking – there are plenty of hills to keep experienced mountain bikers busy while beginners will love the gentle and easy-to-navigate paths.

The routes will take you through a rich and varied terrain and offer perfect spots for resting, fishing and taking in the breathtaking scenery. Mountain bikes and fat bikes (also children size) are available for hire in Saija.

Hiking routes and areas in Taivalkoski: for instance Simosenpolku (starting from Saija's garden) and Kylmäluoma. Please ask for more areas at our reception.

Saija is situated in the Land of National Parks. You can reach 4 unique Finnish National Parks and 1 recreational hiking area within a 1 to 1.5. hour drive f.e. by rental car. Well marked directions, parkings, trails and rest places makes it easy to orientate during an individual visit of the parks.